Logical subjects are well covered in a K-12 education but understanding and managing troubling human emotion has not yet found its place in the curriculum. Neuro-biological research has demonstrated that, if not identified and resolved, uncomfortable emotions interrupt or halt learning and disrupt relationships.

In 2018 my Raise a Self, Not a Selfie presentations began guiding school personnel and parents in how to address overwhelming childhood feelings. Specific strategies are provided to identify the actual vulnerable emotions, inaccurately called stress, anxiety and frustration, and promote emotional problem-solving. Commonly believed misconceptions about children and childhood are revealed that include:

It’s good to expect kids to act like adults.

In truth, child brains are not like adult brains with very different developmental tasks.

Anger and intensity make kids hear you better and do as they’re told.

In truth, the human brain actually shuts down with intensity and they’ll block you out.

Kids learn best through instructions.

In truth, the brain learns best through interactions. Turning your statements into questions creates interactions that build self-worth, identity and problem-solving skills

No matter what I try, my kids don’t want to talk to me.

In truth, there’s nothing children of all ages want more than caring adults on their side.

Learn how to demonstrate that you’re a supporter rather than a critic and see what changes.

Consultations and presentations promoting emotional problem-solving with children of all ages are available for school systems and parent groups.