Building Self-Awareness and Emotional Problem-Solving with Children of all Ages

This engaging one hour workshop is available for parents, school personnel and groups interested in enhancing the well-being of children and adolescents.

Understanding how the brain processes underlying beliefs, feelings and rational thought enhances your ability to effect lasting behavioral change with children. Learn to enhance personal awareness, stimulate emotional problem solving and strengthen a foundation for personal growth by intervening on “Why?” instead of “What?” or “How?”

Exploring “Why?” creates an opportunity for children to:

  • increase self-awareness and personal power
  • develop a compassionate, realistic view of self
  • establish an appropriate balance between self and others
  • resolve uncomfortable feelings and regulate behavior
  • facilitate emotional problem-solving

With information from the limbic brain, learn to create dual purpose interactions that target short-term problem solving and build a sturdy foundation for lifelong growth.