Closet Healthy Person (old)

Clos`et Health`y Per`son (noun)

Definition: Successful, sensitive, self-critical individual who struggles with close relationships, feeling “not good enough” and finding happiness.

Currently, there’s no clearly defined place in the world of mental health for a person who, because of many confusing and painful experiences early in life, has poor self-worth and difficulty with closeness. There’s been no official recognition that your problem is different from the commonly accepted variety deserving an official clinical diagnosis and requiring therapy. It’s never been considered that your suffering simply results from an overly responsible young person becoming confused about life and self-worth early on, and struggling valiantly with that emotional confusion into adulthood. It’s time to not only correctly identify the source of your pain, but to define a pathway to resolution.

Closet Healthy Person Test

  1. Do you focus on making other people happy?
  2. Have childhood experiences contributed to your feelings of poor self-worth?
  3. Do you tend to get angry, frustrated or shut down when discussing your feelings?
  4. Do you try to block out your emotional pain?
  5. Do you have difficulty calmly standing up for yourself in your personal life?
  6. Do you think taking care of yourself means you’re selfish?
  7. Are you uncomfortable being alone with your thoughts and feelings/?
  8. Do you have difficulty trusting that your feelings are correct?
  9. Do your relationships cause you to feel like you’re not good enough?
  10. Are you more successful at work than in your personal life?

If you answered yes to many of these questions, you may fit the criteria of a Closet Healthy Person; who is Confused and in Pain for Good Reason.

The book, Closet Healthy Person, written by Cheryl Jones, will be available soon to help you finally identify and resolve the pain that has followed you for so long. To receive more information about the upcoming book, corresponding workbook, seminars or consultations, click here.


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