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Cheryl Jones, LMSW, created LifeCycle Family Counseling, Inc. more than 20 years ago to provide opportunities for emotional healing and growth in the metropolitan Detroit area. She earned her BA in psychology and MSW degree from the University of Michigan, concentrating in child and family therapy. She completed two years of training in family therapy with the staff of the Philadelphia Child Guidance Clinic. She is also certified as an EMDR trauma therapist. Cheryl is licensed by the State of Michigan as a Clinical Social Worker and a Marriage and Family Therapist.

When emotional pain is unsolvable or overwhelming, you deserve additional assistance. Current difficulties are frequently complicated by previous experiences that have remained emotionally unresolved. Understanding and naming the challenges that impact your life, past and present, is the first step in resolving them.

Solving your problems begins by trusting that your feelings are correct.

Before you can solve a problem you, need to determine if the problem is inside you, caused by those around you, intensified by past issues, due to unfortunate circumstances, or some of each. If you can name it, you can solve it, but to be solved problems must be identified correctly.

Solving your problems begins by trusting that your feelings are correct. Trusting yourself, unraveling your feelings and developing your own voice can be confusing, especially if you have been strongly influenced by the opinions and feelings of others all your life.

Emotional pain compromises daily life and derails the brightest of futures. Developing simple brain based strategies to resolve, rather than avoid your pain removes the roadblocks to emotional problem solving. Developing more accurate views of yourself creates new neural pathways that enables you to assess your life more accurately and experience compassion for yourself.

Therapy should always be respectful, make sense, demonstrate progress toward clearly defined goals and continue for as short a time as possible. I offer brain based, insight oriented therapy that provides true resolution to emotional pain and the development of coping skills to ensure continued strength, problem solving and growth.